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Dating in Week 49 – Christmas, Singles and Promiscuity

Well, think about that it´s the 25th of December and everybody says: well, why should I celebrate this lousy Christmas? It could happen – in a world of single men – because a certain percentage of men doesn´t want Christmas to happen – and about half of all German singles do not really look forward to celebrate Christmas – according to Elitepartner.

Well, two main institutions would be sad about abolishing Christmas – Father Christmas from Greenland and the Catholic Church in Rome, Italy, but I thing a lot of businessmen (and businesswomen) alls over the world as well.

So, Christmas time is a very special time, and you can smelling candles, nuts and fir trees. Except some people who like to smell the scent of t-shirts. As a result of the studies of a professor, a Swiss company is approaching matchmakers to share their idea of making DNA-test for singles who are looking for the right match, claiming that a DNA-test can prove which person “smells“ good to you – so in this case, you do not need to sniff on worn T-Shirts, do you?

So if you are British, congratulations – your nation has been elected as world champion of casual sex (Germans took second place) – according to another Professor, Herr Schmitt who overlooked a study from somewhere in Illinois, which I believe is State of the USA. He wondered why promiscuity is increasing and asked 14.000 people in 48 countries. I´m just thinking about one thing: it must be very important to find out, who is world champion in casual sex – but as he works in the USA, why should I care? It´s your tax payers money, folks over there. Oh, just in case you are British: What´s going on with the men on your island? I just want to mention what a certain Anne Campbell from the University of Durham, UK, said: „This means men can call the shots, and what men usually want is casual sex.“ No, it was not in a typical British tabloid. You can read it in the New Scientist„.

Back to dating? Oh yes, of course. Online Dating is worth nothing – did you know that? First the social networks claimed it, that the speed-date-websites, then the voice-matchmakers (all backed by so scientists, of course) and now it is a manufacturer of an electronic device. You just put it in your pocket – and if someone is near you within 15 meters who has a similar device of the other sex (so there are male and female receivers) you will be notified by vibration. I just wondered where you girls wear the device if you wear skirts.

I learned a lot this week from my interview with Dr. Robert Wuttke, the founder of be2. It to long to give an extract here, so please read it here in my blog.

One more thing – priests can be very sexy – but don´t date them. That´s all for today – really.

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