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This week in Dating (48) Science, Truth and other Errors

As you may know, a German Professor is something very special: he speaks and everybody else is silent. So what makes a good relationship? Your voice, surely. So you want to know evertything about a person? Just call her up – your voice has the star role. You do not need to meet her to get a real impression of a person – according to a German professor.

Even worse: A German Scientist tried to write about the cybernetics of web 2.0 in language we call “Soziologenchinesisch“ – the German way to talk and write scientists jabberwocky. Anyway – even if you try to understand what he meant (I did it) – he is wrong just because he overrates “web 2.0“.

Far better: Dr. Manfred Hassebrauck said in a Blog by Friendscout24, that your expactions may destroy your chances in online dating – using a lot of common sense instead of scientist jabberwocky – that is exactly how you should do it.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, if you do polls – please make sure that you put some questions into them that make sense – otherwise you may find out that German men prefer a poor lady who is unsuccessful in her job but has a lot of self-esteem – and is intelligent and independent as well. Nice match, so to say.

Always a good question: Where will you have your fist date? And how much will you spend? It´s quite amazing that most European man claimed they would like to dine with the lady – and pay. pay a complete dinner for your blind date – just to find out you better never invited her? I suggest to invite her for coffee – and if you feel she might be worth to talk to – invite her for dinner on your second date. As you may now, there is a one to seven chance to turn a blind date into a relationship. So if you invite blind dates for dinner every time, restaurant owners may win – but you will loose

Other people just claimed that singles have a 50 percent chance in speed dating. Yes, speed dating – you talk to seven girls for seven minutes and at the end you have to remember who told you what – so you just chose the cutest of them all and then – wait and see. If you are lucky, you get her Email – nothing else. It´s like a lottery, but you have a 50 percent chance – believe or not. I asked the company in question to give me an explanation – and they promised to do so. Maybe I have a 50 percent chance after waiting one more week.

More Interesting: parship claimed to be the European market leader in online matchmaking. They tried to prove it assuming that the European market is as small as 67 Million Euros – which sounds a lot in figures – but as a result, we would have only about 670.000 single persons in Europe looking honestly for love in online matchmaking – which I doubt. Do you have better figures? Send them to my address, please – I´m still unsure about the facts. What do you think?

Talking about matchmakers, I took the opportunity to talk to Dr Robert Wuttke of be2. It is quite interesting what he said about the European market – and about the all-time topic “compatibility tests“. More about that – next week please.

Enjoy your weekend and have a good dinner with the one you love.

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