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John Q. Public (50) goes dating

Abstract from the German article:

If a dating services promises that only 0.3 percent of their new members are true matches. So if you are a little bit picky (but not too much) yourself, how long will it take to find the right match?

Well, the answer is very difficult, as most dating services don’t publish “true“ (paying) new members. But if 0.3 percent is a reliable figure, how long will a fifty something gentleman need to find a prefect match (according to his needs and wishes) in a dating service?

Well, I calculated it using different figures – depending on how many new members a service has and how picky you are (and of course, you have to take into account that ladies are also picky)?

No good news, folks: there are only about 5 real Matches within 90 days based on 1000 new members per day. The calculation is easy: 1.5 a day, your share in age about 20 percent giving 0.3, and it is expected that only 1 in 5 ladies will give you a positive answer – a very optimistically expection, by the way.

So you have 0.06 Chances a day giving 5.4 Chances in 90 days – if you are not to picky. In case you are, the chances may decrease dramatically.

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