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Thoughtful in the evening: regarding dating

There are very few people who know much about dating – from the old ads in the newspapers to the new ads in the web. To be honest – there is not much difference – hearts are still beating hard before (and sometimes after) a blind date, a good wife or husband is still hard to find, gentleman are still claiming there are no real woman in the whole (newspaper or web) world and women are still claiming that all men who date honest young ladies just want to have sex.

The only things that really changed is that everything happens faster. Folks, let me tell you one thing: There is nothing new in this world. I just read book, published in 1985, 22 years ago. The same questions people ask today, the same doubts, the same errors and the same cheaters.

There was a small chapter in this book about computers used as a tool to save time – and that is just, what the machine does. “A computer“, the two authors wrote, “can not find out anything about the charisma of a person, and it knows nothing about the emotional and financial problems a person might have“.

Computers are still stupid – so don’t trust them. Well, I know what the nice guys of your favourite dating service will tell you: well-known scientists built up the questionnaire and excellent programmers made it foolproof. The only thing they do not mention is, that only a human is a human. Computers are still idiots.

I forgot to tell you some – I’m watching „personals“ for 40 years by now. So you found your expert. Do you need one?

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