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Do Dating Services have your Interests at Heart?

Many dating services in the web have been accused not to have the “members best interests at heart“ – says Moses Brown in a press release. OK, he is a competitor in the business – but maybe some light will fall on dating services which just run their business like a grocery. He said, that dating sides are often operated by people “who are not in the scene and offer limited insight“.

OK, Mr. Brown – I don’t think that one must be “in the scene“ – but its is true that some founders don’t have a glue what is happening during a blind date. Furthermore, the employees those services might have – including some hack writers and psychologists they pay – have no idea what happens during on-line dating – they don’t know what the reasons are to join a dating service, they don’t know what people are really expecting, they don’t know why people are there – and they know nothing about blind dates. But most of them are pretending to do so.

Don’t get me wrong: There are some people, even in dating services, who know much about dating. But very often, you can’t tell them apart from all the story-tellers. But if you ask some of those chatty psychologists or on-line journalists writing about those services, you will find that many of them never had a blind date.

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