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Give him a Nude Photo for Christmas

Although you won’t here it to often in public, photographers know it very well: many ladies want to give a very personal present to their husbands – or even to their boyfriends: a photography in their birthday dress, commonly called “in the nude“ or a glamour photo with fancy lingerie.

Who does it? Photographers do. Besides the fact that all photographers should have an education which includes nude photography, some of them have special skills and their studios are prepared to do nude and glamour photography.

In most cases, female photographers are the better choice. They are not better at photography, but usually they are able to provide the right atmosphere for a nude shot – an most ladies feel far safer in a studio with a woman photographer.

So why not give him a nude photo for Christmas? It is the best way to remind him, that you are the most beautiful woman on earth – and that you are not afraid to show it.

Nudes in History:

extracts from ancient stereo nudes

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