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Picking up windfalls?

This is for the ladies: In case you are looking for a good man – do not pick up windfalls. So you think, nobody will do things like that? Think again. Windfall is easy to get – you just pick it up, bring it to your home and eat it. It’s the same with men. If you don’t make real efforts to find a good man, and if you do not examine his character and behaviour carefully you will always “find“ the wrong men.

There is one more thing – even when in love, you must be aware that in all good relationships, there are some points that have to be discussed. A man who knows who he is and what he wants for himself will be able to discuss it with you – while all those “second choice“ men will always agree – and disappear, when it comes to facts.

There will be a next woman for them – because there are enough stupid ladies who just think that picking up windfall is a good way to get a man without any effort.

A similar article exists in German.

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