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There’s always a risk in dating someone

There is always a risk if you want to reach a target in life – and when you date a person, there are risks as well. You can loose money, your physical or emotional health can be damaged and you can be harassed by someone.

But all this risks can be calculated – and most of them can be avoided. Some of the so called “risks“ are not even real risks – so what risk is it to date a person who does not quite match the description he or she posted? Even if the person is married, you can have a date with him or her – it is not a “risk“ in itself, and even if someone just wishes to date you because she or he wants an ONS – it is not a risk to meet the person (especially when you have the same desire).

It is a fact that the risks of adults dating online are shameless overstated – just be sure to take care of yourself when you meet other strangers. There are still more chances than risks in online dating.

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