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This Week in Dating – Week 6: Valentine and Condoms

This Week in Dating – Week 6

Just in case you think I wrote in a strange English language last week, please take my honest apologies – Microsoft Word failed to do it’s duty, because I use DUDEN spell checker – both like each other like dog and cat: if they grow up together, they like each other, if not (re-installing, for example) they don’t. – and as I do really need my DUDEN spell checker, because Microsoft’s is not up-to-date – well – I just have to use it. Fortunately, there is open office writer, which works smoother and faster in English.

Back to dating and all that stuff – there is Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day and …. Valentine’s Day. Nothing else. Match.com was calling me (!) just to announce that they have a wonderful action with that marvellous Ms. Fisher – kind of a psycho test, I guess. Well, the girl announced it as if she would give me a pot of gold – which it sure isn’t.

Oh, it was really nice to hear that not only anthropologists are dating experts (like Ms. Fisher) , but actors seem to be experts for everything. So a certain Drew Barrymore told us recently, that she is a dating expert as well – and the German Bauer-Verlag told us, that she does not like dating-sites like “MySpace“ and “Facebook“. Just in case you think it is a joke -.it is not. Bauer really announced it that way.

It was science again this week. Just read what they are telling you about “virtual dating“ – and you believe that you just have to do it – especially if you are a women. Playing around with avatars like dolls – I mean, is that a game for adults? I strongly believe it is a game for childish women.

We learned last week that the owner of PlentyOfFish might open a paid dating site as well – maybe a good idea. The owner complained about loosing money be sending so many people to pay sites – which he does. Only that he did not mention how much he earns by sending them there.

Back to Germany? I wrote about ladies who are to adventurous when dating – and I see no reason why we should protect the ladies more than the gentlemen. There is only one thing I have no mention: The main danger is not being raped or murdered, it’s getting an STD – or have experience an unwanted pregnancy. The Answer is condoms, condoms, condoms. Be sure to have at least two in your handbag, ladies.

Something new in Germany? Not really. Wannabes are still sending out press releases, American companies still try to get more marketing share trying the American way in Europe instead of switching to European habits, and the only news is that Friendscout24 has a new partner: Parship. It is just a cooperation, and according to Friendscouts press release, it is just to have a a new compatibility matching test which can be used within Friendscout – but this is “truth well told“ for the innocent. There is big business behind it – and there is a really important change in partnership, because Friendscout’s former Partner was be2.

So – until next week, folks. See you in liebepur or elsewhere.

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