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This Week in Dating – Week 5

I am sorry to be so late, but one of my projetcs needed more attention than I ever thougt, and so I had to do loads of work last week.

Anyway, to find a needle in a haystack may be difficult, but to find a good mate has nothing to do neither with needles nor with haystacks. In addition, there is nothing like a pincushion when you try online dating – except for brothels.

There is an old question wether it is better to be equal or different in a relationship – but in fact, it is nonsense form the very beginning. “Being equal “does not mean to be equal in all aspects of lifes, and it´s the same with beinig different. So just, ignore what they “experts“ are telling you – even if it is Ms. Fisher. I now that that Americans try to “make it simple“, but it is not the business of psycholgists and matchmakers to stamp, file and index people. Wer ar not just material in your database, matchmakers, is that understood. Just in case you wish to do business in Europe: Do not stamp people. We are individuals (think of french cheese) and we want to be treated as individuals.

So far – so good. I wrote a lot about “safety“ in dating this week, and I can tell you one thing: nearly all writers in Europe or the USA think they must “protect girls“, which is rather funny, because for some of thiose ladies, standard dating is just boring, so t“ >hey want more excitement, which, of course, can be dangerous. Even if not, women do not need any special protection. Common sense is good enough to protect oneself, and self-estem is always good to protect somoeone while dating. Juts one more word: Ladies habe been told not to give away any private data such as last name, telephone number, street address, employer or something like that. Guess, whome do you protect in giving such advice? Female criminals, of course.

I forgot to mention some of the poorest girls I ever heard about – some Mistresses, “Girlfriends“, Spouses and Ex-Spouses of fromerly rich bankers, who formed a self-help group in New York. Probably they will realla need some help – working in a retiremnet home ore a fish cannery might be the right way to get the kind of help they would need.

Anyway – do not panic – there are other women avialble – so avoid girls with Dollar (and even Euro) signs in their eyes.

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