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Worst Case in Dating: Women, 40plus and Still Waiting

You might have heard about the German ladies complaining that “men just want to have sex“ or “online dating is worth nothing“ – but if ayou take a closer look at the ladies complaining, most of them are high in their forties – and, what it makes really worse, the do not wish to search for man – they want to be found.

Being a woman, over 40 and still wishing “to be found by a man“ is the best way to find one ONS after the other, resulting in disappointment and frustration. Writing “no ONS please“ will only lure men who have nothing in mind but some quick and easy intercourse. Remember that all the words you use – including “ONS“ can be used as keywords. And, furthermore, men know this: a woman who says “no ONS“ has had several experiences with that – and as she is used to it, she will do it again.

It is not only ONS, of course – in many cases, your profile will die in silence, just because nobody is interested – why should a man date a girlish woman over 40 who is still waiting for her prince?

So what can you do? Take the challenge, and search for men. Look at those between 35 and 45 as well instead of only looking for elderly Gentlemen in their fifties. Try to have fun and enjoy what you get instead of waiting for the King from the Kingdom next door to pick you up.

Am I wrong? Your opinion, please!

Something similar in German – here.

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