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Germany: One Third Plays the Online Dating Game Successfully

One third of the German Singles plays the online-dating-game successfully – that is what Hennig Wiechers, the well-reknown expert for online dating said on a meeting. And, as Joachim Rabe auf neu.de, one of the five leading German dating services, mentioned, “it happens every day and it works“. (Please take a look at the press release in German language).

Sure – but there are some challenges for booth men and women in Germany, because the German ladies are far to picky – so some of them even think, they “deserve“ the best man available, who must fulfil all her wishes: good humorous, intelligent, physically attractive, affectionate, down-to-earth – and of course an excellent lover. Far to much, as the authoress Jurate Baronas said.

Indeed, there are still problems in Germany resulting from the 1970th womens lib. Now, the second generation of emancipated women is looking for mates – and they are still confused about the tactics for the “manhunt“ and their role in a mans life. But on the other hand, men are even more confused, because they do not expect to meet women full of knowledge, skills, pride and self-esteem.

So what can the Germans do? First, men might have to change their opinion about women – the “German Hausfrau“, although still an example for some middle-class girls, is no longer the social target of well-educated ladies. And the ladies? They must be aware that they do not “deserve“ someone – ant that you have to compromise when dating.

I know from experience that it is not the same all over Europe – so there is still a strong trend for Swiss and German men to avoid the trouble with the picky German ladies – there are beautiful and skilled women elsewhere – and in most cases, they now how to compromise. Perhaps German women should take this into account next time when they are looking for a mate.

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