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Love Magazine Announces “Sonderbar“ Articles about Queer Love

“Queer might be the best translation for the German word “sonderbar“ – in sexual behaviour. So in fact, most people are looking for a “plastic“ straight partner to form a good relationship. But a few of us are not looking for relationships at all, but for sexual adventures – and others want people who share some odd practices – which they, in fact, don’t even call ‚odd‘.

It is said, that only men are involved in such things – but this seems to be wrong. Women are not talking about their weird wishes – they try to seduce men to play the kind of games they like to play. So it seems it is more common for man to look for a woman who shares queer sexual behaviour, while it is more common for a woman to have ea relationship first before she asks her husband or boyfriend to play some bondage games or something similar.

“LiebePUR“, the new German on line love magazine, writes about “sonderbar“ sex practices this week. As LiebePUR founder Gebhard Roese told the press, the magazine will have a special topic every week. It is planed to have full-week themes like this:

Why do women always find the “wrong“ man?
Clairvoyance – does a couple really match?
Do you give away love for Christmas?
Urgent – mingling before Christmas?
Frustration – No! Celebrate Christmas making Love!

We apologise that we are not able to translate all our articles into English – but we promise to give you an extract from time to time.

Please email me or call me on Skype in case you have questions.

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