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This Week in Dating (10/2009) – Jabberwockey for free

PlentyOfFish is a free dating site, which is good, because it is free, and free is always good. Repeat this sentence a hundred times, and the “press“ will believe it. So you spread your public relation out all over the country and save money for advertising, Now it seems that free can be “free, but …“ as well – it works like in the old days: Yes, it is free, but if you are looking seriously for a mate, it may be better to pay, although you do not need to pay, as most members are looking seriously. But aren’t you a little bit more serious than all the other ladies and gents around? in this case: Please pay. Well in our opinion, this is what we call real Jabberwocky.

So this was what we heard this week from Canada. It was a rather unimportant message from the blog of the boss of PlentyOfFish runs, but from this, you can learn how important blogs can be.

Well, for me, it always sound like some sort of prayer that free sites are better than anything else – but sure, the writers (outside the web business) claiming this have no glue how the economy really works: It’s just where the money comes from and where it goes to. Close your eyes, man: then you will see, what you will really get for free in today’s world.

Another “free“ thing are some social networks. In fact, someone else pays the bills , but that’s rather unimportant Far more important is the fact, that they are nearly useless for dating – as a German study proved. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we knew it all the time. All experts do. We just wonder, why some still keep writing that web-base “social networks“are excellent for dating. It seems that Jabberwocky.ist sill quite popular.

Next thing thing to write about, next Jabberwocky: Harmony. Nobody except some scientists in the blessed USA did ever believed that harmony is the backbone of social behavior, nor did they believe that harmony is a warranty for a good marriage. Nearly all marriage advisors would tell you that there is far more – and even, that to much harmony is contra productive for relationships. But people tend to believe that the perfect harmony is really important – well, and with this Jabberwocky, you can still lure people. According to a Heidelberg based professor and marriage advisor, harmony is not important for long lasting marriages. What really counts is – humor.

So. folks – probably you better watch the video showing Heidi Klum instead of thinking about harmony – so see you next week. I did not include all links that I have in our German version, so probably you might wish to read the German article as well.

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