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This week (9/2009) in Dating: End of the carnival and ideal women

Thanks God carnival as over.. I receive a lot of press releases about the carnival extra martial affairs during carnival and how bad it is, that women don’t do it or just do it or would like to do it or … it’s over. Next time we will have press releases about affairs with Easter bunnies, I presume – but I don’t want to read them – and I hate to read more about Estradiol as well.

The next thing I hate is the jabberwocky about “how to find the ideal woman“ and that this woman might resemble Barbie or not. Folks, there is no ideal woman or dream women except in dreams, and that is just where they belong.

Besides dream women, Germans do not talk about sex. But, ne honest, why should we talk about sex? Can’t you just have sex and enjoy it? Women (not only Germans, it seems) like to see commercials where sex is envolved, as a long as they can find traces of a relationship in it.

Two men in Berlin plan to do blindfold-dates because seeing the partner is very confusing, isn’t it? It is the lousiest idea besides silent dating – but a good way to get the attention of the press..

Now, as there is nothing new in Germany besides that, let’s pay attention to Israel, where a 14-year old girl faced divorce – but she was never married according to West-European standards. So now we know that you can be married even if you aren’t and be divorced even if you never married. Quite interesting what kind of rules they have down there in the Levant.

And – there was the NYT dishing out a hoax about a self-help group of some doubtful ladies. The NYT did not say that they regret to have written nonsense. Instead, they published: “Laney Crowell, one of the women who started the blog, said in the article that it was “very tongue in cheek;“ she has since described it as a satire that embellishes true experiences for effect “. A lot of newspapers in the world reprinted the story – and so far, some of the editors of those newspapers are not aware that they wrote about ta hoax.

By the way: Pickup-Atrists are outdated, according to an article in an American newspaper.. I just hope that this is not a hoax,

There is not much more to say this week. I just hope that the next week will be more interesting and I just hope, that spring will come and blow the grey fog out of the brains.

Until next week, Gebhard

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