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This week in Dating: Week 7 – fish and chicks

Is there plenty of fish in the fish-bowls? Or are all the fish dead? Do they stink of cheating, lying or whatever?

I can split the answer: yes, there is a lot of fish, male and female, and there are cheaters – but not more than everywhere else. If a lady in a bar claims she is 39, but her ID-card shows that she is 48 – who cares if you spend a night with her? There is no build-in age check (except for minors) in bars – so why should you verify the age and weight in the world wide web?

Second part of the answer: If you claim to be a lady – and you are just a silly bitch, you will find a lot of cheaters and even worse men in the web – because they are waiting for silly cows. I suspect that some female writers just claim to be silly things, because they gain readers by pretending to be that way. Well. Maybe they are even paid for writing nonsense about online dating – just to lure people to other services.

Among those who condemned online dating was a company who produced my keyboard – Logitech. Well, they did not really condemn everyone – only those without video camera previews. So female “users“ (that means customers in US-American Language) are very keen to show their boobs to strangers – or whatever they have to offer – because from a face, you can hardly read their exact weight and age. I just wonder how many “cam-chats“ those spin doctors at Logitech had – mots probably zero. Just go to one of those video chats tonight and you will be cured.

So far – so good. We also learned that adult woman can not decide by themselves when to sleep with men – they need advice. The British Press did not even like that women write erotica – so Charlotte Roches Book “Wetlands“ and all other books written by ladies should spare sex in their books. It gives a bad example for teenagers. I just hope that British tabloids will remember this when writing about sex next time.

A German TV station wanted to warn young ladies not to be targeted by paypigs – I just wonder who might be the victim and who is the offender in a game like this. We knew already that paypigs are stupid – but it seems, there is even more stupidity in this kind of journalism.

Thanks to the New York Times, we know now why girls over 40 are so sexy and horny, and thanks to Easy Jet (yes, “Ease Jet“) we are aware, that both match.com and meetic are winners in the game of dating – the third company mentioned was be2. No one else in the whole universe. Amazing, isn’t it?

Of course we had psychology this week – a beautiful lady, talking sexy about sex , and a poll by elite partner from which we learned that singles do not like to be invited to parties where the are the only singles- and all others are couples. So why not start a flirt with some of the girls (or boys)? Usually, a married man or woman enjoys flirting – so why not give it a try?

So – I must not forget to mention that most disco chicks and bimbos love Iphones – and as most of them are bored all day and night, they might like to read dating stories on their Iphone.

Enough is enogh. See you next week.Did I forget „singles day?“ – yes, of course. But who cares about singles day? Just be sure not to catch a DTD.

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