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This Week (3/2009) in Dating – Dolls and Casual Sex

This first thing last week was something about Barbie – yes your favorite doll when you where young. So a strange guy found out that Barbie was not an American girl called Barbara, but a German Fräulein called Lilli – created by the German cartoonist Reinhard Beuthien for the BILD tabloid – but it was by no means a sex doll, as some people claimed it might have been.

Talking about dolls – you can´t buy a crying, talking, sleep and walking living doll, but you can rent, pardon „meet“ a sugar babe instead. Only that your expenses for a sugar baby might be higher then expected. So better buy a cat – it´s cheaper and somewhat nicer because cats are quite satisfied with some cat food and fish – and it’s not so fishy.

Even if you aren´t a doll, you may feel like one in a sex chat – according to a German social network. Well, if you enter a sex chat as a lady – do you really expect to be more than a sex doll? I doubt it. So if you go there, you better feel like one – or don´t go – which may be even better for your moral.

Fat people are not dolls – they are fat, and except some fetishists, who call themselves “Rubens lovers“, they are not first choice in dating. But as you may know, competition is hard, and so we have quite a lot of such dating sides in Germany – and now, there is a new competitor who wants to become famous and fill his pockets with Euros. Good luck, but – you can´t do it by just sending out press releases.

By the way: Did you ever see real blue eyes? Some folks in northern Germany and Scandinavia seem to have them, those light blue eyes – elite partner claimed that this eye color is preferred – and not the dark gipsy eyes. Taking a closer look at it, you couldn´t even chose “dark eyes“, only blue, green, brown and gray – gray? There are no grey eyes, but anyway. German men prefer blue eyes – according to Elite Partner. So, as there are fewer and fewer really blue eyed people, surveys of this kind make no sense at all – but anyway – you can write a new press release.

Whenever it comes to casual sex, eye color doesn´t seem to matter, but according to a press release, a lot of people try it when the new year begins. Nice new years resolutions – having an affair. Did someone say “why not?“. If you think so, read the interview with Noel Biderman (in English(!)) – he told “bitterlawyer“ what kind of women do casual dates.

Casual dating will remain one of the number one themes in Liebepur this year, because everybody is talking about it. Oh by the way – women who cheat found a new excuse: it´s just nature, or evolution, or estradiol, what ever you may prefer.

I recommend very much not to cheat on your partner – and just in case you want to cheat – read this article first.

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