Wer schreibt für liebepur?

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This Week in Dating

Well, we recognized here in Germany, why WooMe is so important in the USA – and the correct answer is: it is good entertainment for young people who believe they are still kids. Back to the kindergarten? Maybe – but I think that we should be more carful calling those sites “dating-sites“.

What we have to say is that everybody seems to celebrate the Munich “Oktoberfest“ in those days, because we can not hear anything serious about our dating industry – so information is rare. The only thing mentionable is probably that Americans wonder what a “Dirndl“ is. Well, it is a traditional dress formerly worn by the young girls in Bavaria when they wanted to dress up swell and show much of their cleavage.

Did I forget something? Oh yes, the University of Bamberg announced last year that they would perform a new study about how people meet in this strange environment called “internet“ – it´s only that we are still waiting for results – and it seems we still have to wait. One of the few things we found in the German press was, that male members of German dating web sites do not seem to be very well-educated. Well – that´s what they think – but everybody else in the industry laughs at it.

By the way: do you want to read an article about the German dating industry every week? Please leave me a note.

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